ABK Bench Weighing Scales

  • 8000g odczyt 0.2g [mm] 300x400
  • 16kg odczyt 0.5g [mm] 300x400
  • 32kg odczyt 1g [mm] 300x400
  • 60kg odczyt 2g [mm] 300x400
  • 120kg odczyt 5g [mm] 300x400

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ABK bench scales are ideal for most weighing and counting applications in a variety of settings. Checkweighing capabilities make the ABK an essential part of quality assurance tasks at manufacturing and process plants.

The oversized LCD provides high visibility in mailrooms, on production floors or in shipping/receiving operations. Dynamic weighing effectively captures readings of items that move during weighing, such as liquid ingredients during batching in a commercial bakery, at a chemical plant, or during concrete production.

Balance Housing 304 Stainless steel housing IP66 rated.


• Weighing

• Parts counting

• Checkweighing

• Dynamic / animal weighing

• Percentage weighing

The scale can be set to print text in English, French, German or Spanish. See the RS‐232 parameters section of the full user manual for details.

The data format and examples of printouts are shown in the full version of the user manual.

  • Producent Adam Equipment Co. Ltd
  • Interfejs RS-232 tak
  • Wyświetlacz Backlit Green display 40mm high digits with capacity tracker
  • Jednostki wagowe g / Kg / Lb / Lb:oz / Newtons/Ounces
  • Zasilanie + 6v 4.5Ah battery 12vDC 800mA External adaptor
  • Płytka wagi [mm] 300x400
  • Temperatura pracy ‐10°C to +40°C / +32°F to +104°F
  • Masa netto 7.9kg / 17.4Lb (approx)

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ABK Bench Weighing Scales

ABK Bench Weighing Scales

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